Biprocemwap Sp. z o.o.

Design Office of Cement, Lime and Gypsum Industry.

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Our offer

Scope of services

The scope of services from Biprocemwap S.A. comprises of all stages of the processes that are from preparation to realization. These range from pre-investment activities and design through to the completion of the design itself.

The range of work from the Office is made up of the following branches: 

  • the course of the process from conception to realization
  • technology and mechanics 
  • architecture and construction
  • electricity and AKP 
  • installation
  • road and railways
  • cost calculations.

The Office provides complex and multibranch services that are connected with designing or modernizing new objects, installations and euipments. We specialize in the design of public utility constructions and objects, as well as multibranch installations. Our orderers can rely on the high standards set by our specialist knowledge which is updated regularly by new solutions in our field of activity.
In particular, we specialize in designs that are required for the cement, lime, gypsum and shale industries. The putting together of complex documentation in all stages of the investment process required by construction law is included in our services.