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Design documentation

Biprocemwap is a design office that makes full use of the most modern IT solutions available that support design.

We provide services covering such areas as elaboration of multibranch, auction, cost calculation execution, and post-execution documentation.

Many years of engineering practice are aided by computer methods that are used in all possible areas of engineering work. Providing a wide range of services is possible not only to the engineering and technical staff that we have at our disposal, but the fact that all our workplaces are equipped with professional computers which enable our staff to make full use of their skills.

The introduction of engineering software made by such companies as Autodesk, Robobat and ePlan has made it possible for our company to shorten a complicated designing process, improve the exchange and management of design data, as well as concentrating the engineers’ attention on the problems of design.

Static and dynamic analyses are carried out with the use of software called Millenium Robot. Owing to this, it is possible to carry out complicated calculations according to such norms and standards that are required by the Investor, therefore the Office is able to create complicated calculations on every continent, based on whatever law and standards are binding in each of this places.

Using 3D models of the software In design making provides the opportunity to prepare virtual prototypes, which in turn means the removal of errors in the execution of the constructions. This speeds up the designing process, creating detailed drawings and eliminating the necessity in having to repeat the same design work. This in turn influences one of the most significant aspects such as costs that are connected with project realization.

We make use of specialist software for designing automatic systems, along with creating electrical schemes in designing production lines within industrial plants. Automatically generated design documentation (combinations of cables, clamps, materials as well as plans of connecting clamps, cables, and the like) allows us to avoid the mistakes that can occur when documents are created by hand.

Every engineer is equipped with an instrument of 2D, namely the popular AutoCad. The final result of the designing process is the documentation for assembly and execution. This is transmitted to the Investor both on paper and as an electronic version.