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Turn-key projects

For any realization of a Client's investment, we ensure that, as a replacement investor, we co-ordinate the investment processes, protecting Client's interests concerning the effective use of the budget of any undertaking, and ensuring that designs are completed to deadline, are of high quality, and faultless in their execution.

After completion we can offer services as regards start-up of industrial installations. For the realization of each design, we delegate the Project Manager whose role is to co-ordinate both outside and inside activities such as design, complementary delivery, providing services, ensuring high working standards, cost control and meeting deadlines

The range of investment services are:

  • design
  • the general realization of an investment
  • investor supervision
  • construction site supervision
  • start-up of the installation
  • cost control and scheduling
  • analyses of possible environmental impact
  • construction design for the construction permit